Price: $2,898.00


 This walnut slab is the third slab of eight slabs off a large walnut log that had a triple stemmed crotch on the top end of the log and a good amount of root flare at the bottom of the log.

The log was dug out at the base before it was cut off to preserve additional amount of the root flare with the log.

This piece is 9 feet 6 inches long and between 26 inches and 34 inches wide.

Thickness is 2 and 1/2 inches.

There is good color in this piece and great color in the root flare and croth burl.

This slab was milled on December 7th 2014.

Pictures were take several days later.  Surface was misted with water prior to picture taking.

This slab will remain in cold dry storage till spring when it will either be kiln dried or processed into gunstock blanks, turning pieces and other green wood pieces which will be waxed.