Why buy firewood from American Wood Products?


To help you make the best decision,  we put the information below* to inform you of what to look for when buying firewood, and why American Wood Products is a good choice!



Green vs. Seasoned Firewood


The Facts:


Wood is largely composed of water when it is freshly cut (green). Depending on the species and when it was cut, it could have over 50% moisture content. Wood has to dry out before it can burn. When you are burning wet wood, a lot of the energy is wasted in drying the wood before it actually burns. You end up with an inefficient fire that is hard to keep going. What a pain!


Seasoned wood should have less than 20% moisture content and will burn much more efficiently. It's easy to burn and you will get much more heat out of your fire.


I know what you're thinking...Why on Earth would anyone buy green wood?


Because it's cheaper! When buying firewood, always consider buying green wood if you can store it properly and afford to wait a year or two before burning it. You'll save money and ensure that your wood is plenty dry.



What does American Wood Products do?


All of our firewood is seasoned firewood with very low moisture levels. All of our firewood is split before we set it out to dry so it loses moisture more efficiently. Some of our firewood has been drying for over 3 years!



Storing firewood...often overlooked


The Facts:


You wouldn't buy milk and then let it sit on your counter for a week before drinking it. Would you????


Well then, don't do the same thing with your firewood! It's amazing how many people spend good money on firewood and leave it to rot in a pile in their backyard.


Firewood should be stored off of the ground in an area where it recieves lots of air flow and sunlight.



What does American Wood Products do?


All of our firewood is split right away then stacked. American Wood Products' Firewood is stored off of the ground in an open area where it recieves the maximum amount of sunlight and air circulation.



Get the right species for the job


The Facts:


Unfortunately, not all firewood was created equal. When buying firewood, always know the species of wood that will be included in your order.


Generally speaking, the denser the wood, the longer it will burn. Actually, all wood burns about the same- but only when you are talking about weight of dry wood. For example, pine weighs much less than oak. But guess what??? Firewood is sold by volume! So it's important to ask which species of wood will be included in your order.



What does American Wood Products do?


All of our firewood is separated when we make it so that there is little to no chance that the woods will get mixed up. In addtion, we hand check each and every order before we send it to make sure that you get what you ordered. American Wood Products' mostly sells hardwood firewood which is much more dense, but is also harder to light. We also sell softwood such as pine which is great for starting the fire off.



Buy from a reputable firewood business


The Facts:


Buying firewood from a trustworthy business is the only way to go. There are too many factors to worry about otherwise. Are you actually getting seasoned wood? Did you get the two cords you ordered? It can be hard to tell when they dump it in a pile on your driveway.



What does American Wood Products do?


American Wood Products has been in the lumber business for over 20 years. We have experience anywhere from cutting down trees and landscaping, to specialty woodworking lumber. American Wood Products is serious about supplying only the highest quality lumber to customers and ensuring that the customer gets the most for their hard earned dollar.





*All information above about firewood not pertaining directly to American Wood Products is credited to Matt Galambos, http://www.keep-it-simple-firewood.com, copyright 2009-2010.