Our Strive for Quality

        American Wood Products' main goal is to provide high quality wood products for each and every customer. We are constantly adjusting our product line to fit the needs of our customers. We consider many factors when deciding on our product line to make sure that we have an option available for each an every person, regardless of whether they are new to smoking, experts at smoking, have a small smoker, or have a large smoker. American Wood Products specifically takes into account 6 key factors: moisture content of the wood, types of products, package sizes, packaging methods, species of wood available, and most importantly, the customer.

Moisture Content

        Moisture Content of the wood is usually an important factor that is overlooked by many companies. Most companies only sell dried wood, which has a nearly unlimited shelf life. American Wood Products realizes that many people don't store their products for long periods of time, and are looking to have a great, delicious meal. When the moisture content of the wood is higher, it adds more water vapor to the smoke, keeping the surface of the meat from drying out too much and thus allowing the smoke flavor to penetrate deeper into the food. Higher moisture woods reduce the need for a separate water tray at the bottom of the smoker and maximize the smoke flavor in your food.
        American Wood Products offers three ranges of moisture on multiple products to suit the customer's needs: Low moisture, Moderate moisture, and High moisture. American Wood Products specifically measures the moisture levels in each and every product immediately after processing, and right before we ship it to the customer. This allows us to make sure the moisture content is exactly how the customer ordered it by the time it reaches their doorstep, not when it leaves our facilities. American Wood Products takes special packaging precautions on higher moisture products to make sure that they retain their freshness and moisture levels. Because of this, the higher moisture products have an extra processing fee included in the cost.

Product Types

        American Wood Products has developed various product types to accommodate the preferences of every smoker. We offer common product types such as chips and grilling planks, as well as less common types such as smoking wafers. Each type of product is also offered in up to 5 different sizes to fit each and every preference.

Package Sizes 

        American Wood Products offers 4 - 6 package size options on every product so whether you want to buy in bulk, or just try out our product, there is a perfect size for you.

Packaging Methods

        Packaging Methods are another factor that is often overlooked by other companies. We make sure that we package each and every product and store them in a controlled environment immediately after processing. This helps keep products fresh and prevents contamination from bugs or mold. For products that require a bit more care such as high moisture products or pre-soaked grilling planks, we use special methods to ensure freshness and retain moisture.

Species of Wood

        All of the wood used by American Wood Products is from the American Midwest. Many companies will either import wood or harvest it from tree farms. American Wood Products only uses wood that we harvest personally from the fertile landscape of the Great Plains. We only consider a small portion of the wood that we acquire as a high enough quality to create our Smoking Wood products. All of are products are then processed locally and shipped across the country. American Wood Products uses six different wood species currently and will be adding more in the near future. Our selection of Apple, Black Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Red Western Cedar, and White Oak gives a wide variety of options to our customers.

The Customer

        The customer is the most important part of American Wood Products. The customer's feedback is highly valued and suggested so that American Wood Products may constantly improve the products offered. Any questions that the customer may have can be directed to American Wood Products through the Contact Us page. All concerns will be handled by the business owner himself, so the customer will never have to worry about dealing with a hired customer help representative, and will get straight, accurate answers.