What is Moisture Content?

        Moisture content is the percentage of water moisture in the wood. Moisture Content is an important factor when it comes to smoking wood. It has a very large effect on the end product of smoking and certain moisture levels should be used in different types of smoking. Moisture content does NOT affect the amount of smoke produced. Moisture content increases the amount of water vapor in the smoke. This is important because it prevents the surface of the meat from drying out too much and hardening. When the surface of the meat is softer, smoke is able to penetrate the meat deeper and provide a stronger smokey flavor. Typically, low moisture is best for cold smoking (usually commercial) and high moisture is best for hot smoking (how most people smoke). American Wood Products sells three natural levels of moisture content: High, Moderate, and Low.

High Moisture Content

        American Wood Products' high moisture wood is 25% - 35% moisture. This type of wood is generally going to be more expensive than those of lower moisture levels because of the level of care needed to maintain high moisture levels. This level of moisture is the BEST for obtaining a great smokey flavor when smoking at home. This product should not be used for cold smoking, and unused product should be kept in a freezer to maintain freshness and retain moisture.

Moderate Moisture Content

        American Wood Products' moderate moisture wood has 16% - 24% moisture. Moderate moisture wood is a great product that can be used for just about any sort of smoking. If you are new to smoking, it is highly suggested that you buy moderate moisture wood products. All moderate moisture products should be stored in a cool, dark place to help retain moisture.

Low Moisture Content

        American Wood Products' low moisture wood has less than 15% moisture. This is the most common type of smoking wood available on the market. This type of wood will dry out  meats very quickly and is best used for cold smoking. Unlike the high or moderate moisture wood, the smoke produced from this level of moisture will most likely not penetrate very deep into the meat. This product is highly recommended  if you are cold smoking, or need a product with a nearly unlimited shelf life.